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Wuyuan autumn red maple become the autumn main card

Date: 2015-10-27

Report from our correspondent reports of bin In December, with the coming of the south in winter, autumn of wuyuan is also closed. Autumn, is the most can is bad season of the year, also is the best season to travel. Jiangxi wuyuan autumn (time: from September to December) with everywhere golden rice, traditional folk customs autumn sun, shicheng, long streams CengLinJinRan red maple autumn scenery formed distinct features.
2013 "where net" the net friend of the most popular wuyuan autumn drunk tourists, shicheng maple leaves become east China first reward maple, this also is made in heaven - hundreds of terraces rape huajiang ridge scenic area outside the second card, the winter is coming, look for the parting of the festival atmosphere, to the most beautiful country holidays and will be a window of wuyuan, four seasons of wuyuan is wonderful, can you move it, wuyuan is a living is the most beautiful country!
Wuyuan is also with high popularity became the most popular domestic autumn outing point of view. Compared with the usual autumn reward maple, my county this year growth of 143%, wuyuan shicheng daily highest number of tourist break through 8000 person-time. On August 7, 2013, the beginning of autumn, August 9, my county in the form of "picture China" tencent QQ landing window shows the national more than 300 million QQ online to admire maple wonderland shicheng beautiful scenery. Solstice on September 10, 2013 in mid-november, domestic mainstream news media, the four major portal travel channel uninterrupted crisscross report propaganda wuyuan autumn scenery. On the eve of National Day in 2013, New York's times square screen The 2 picture of jiangxi wuyuan shicheng autumn scenery scenic spot, at the same time a paper entitled "wuyuan shicheng making the first reward maple wonderland of east China's article also hit the United States, Spain, Brazil, South Korea and so on more than 500 media around the world. On November 22 to 24, 2013, from various tianya BBS moderator division, jiangsu TV host, the national tourism experience to carry out the "wuyuan autumn trip", makes the national experience designers alike. Including the wuyuan, the heart will go with love ", "wuyuan - walk in small Bridges people home" and other articles on tianya BBS continued to detonate!