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My county county network image was counties and festivities spread word of mouth

Date: 2015-10-27

January 8, "the Chinese county network image list (2013) (area, city) and county levels of government network enable performance ranking" conference held in Beijing. My county xi pick two awards: county network image counties and festivities spread word of mouth.
The campaign at the Chinese academy of social sciences jointly by xinhuanet city institute for environment and development, Internet science research center, wuhan university, China statistical information service center, relying on the xinhua net network the Internet public opinion analysis system to collect a large amount of data, from the government and public opinion in the face of the city life, the Angle of network language, such as the national 2764 key counties (county-level cities) of Internet users have voted network image, integrated experts to identify network in the city image promotion aspect outstanding city have made outstanding achievements, to area county city in shaping the web image at the same time, successful experience of online response to emergencies, in-depth study and summary. This award to the winning city top ten counties (cities), top 10 administrative region, the network performance since the national top ten awards, government affairs weibo demonstration prize, the festival spread word of mouth, business network image awards, tourism image award, award for the best districts, network image counties (city, area), and other awards, and to promote the winning unit, recognition.
"Festival spread word-of-mouth award" refer to the persistence of each county festival activities, the netizen attention and the degree of interaction factors, combined with the county by using the festival activities to promote features, choose the festival spread most appeal of the county (city, area). Wuyuan, one of China's rural cultural tourism festival, promote rural culture and development of rural tourism, promoting construction of "China's most beautiful village". Wuyuan, in 2013 China's rural cultural tourism festival, my county invited media focus from all walks of life, success shows the full development of wuyuan tourism industry.
My county county base, network, image, or festival activities, which are unique in the country, making success.