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My county 2015 wuyuan old photo contest

Date: 2015-10-27

On October 21, in the third national legal LaoNianJie came as the most beautiful sunset 2015 wuyuan old photo contest for ceremony held in door county national fitness activities center arena, county leadership Zhou Huabing, Yang Jizheng, ZhanXianHua, Pan Xianfeng, at county, chairman of the elderly TiXie wear spring water to attend the ceremony.
Launch ceremony hosted by vice chairman of cppcc.in at, deputy head of the county government Pan Xianfeng speech at the ceremony. The photo contest by county old TiXie photographers' association and county, the county old photography association. To begin the competition from the beginning of may this year, a total of 27 author altogether 423 works. After not participating experts and scholars to carry on the fair and just competition. The first, second and third prizes in 8, excellence award 92. One of the Cheng Jiehuai works "beautiful" won the first prize; Zhang Yinquan work goal kick teenager, ZhanXinMin works "intoxicated" won the second prize; Wearing a spring of water works "happy", "the fierceness of the army and the people", Cao Shuntian Cheng Xuetian works "red light shine on the new countryside", the works of Wu Haizhou works "makeup", wei-min hu works the nuo dance, "won the third prize respectively.