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Wuyuan is making the first county of organic tea in China

Date: 2015-10-27

Wuyuan tea industry is wuyuan traditional superior industries. Examine the county tea industry development prospects, make the tea industry development planning (2013-2020) ", the "one country" as the representative of the organic tea brand, stick to the "tea garden construction, branding, marketing, cultural impetus", strive to through 8 years of efforts, realize the organic tea area, production, export, brand, culture, and efficiency first "six", making the first county of organic tea in China. January to June, wuyuan tightly tea 7600 tons, up 8.57%; The processing trade of 20500 tons, up 10.8%; Series of tea industry output value 743 million yuan, an increase of 13.95%.
To develop organic tea garden construction standards, to support policy, strive for to all tea plantations in 2015 the county achieves the organic standards. Organic tea for production targets at the same time, from the tea garden management, pest control, tea tightly, the whole process of product sales to establish quality safety traceability system, set up from tea to cup of tea quality guarantee system. Actively support a number of leading enterprises bigger and stronger, through demonstration leading role in promoting rapid and harmonious development of tea industry.
A platform built good tea. Wuyuan is to build a set wholesale, retail, exhibition, e-commerce and other various function in the integration of organic tea in China. Including the "one country" organic tea city, form the "buy nation, sale nation" large circulation pattern, the "one country" organic tea city, attracting merchants throughout the country, tea enterprise investment; The "one country" tea culture street, build a new place to travel.
Promoting the brigade to tea, to take tea, with tea as the theme of the characteristic tourism commodity development. In tea garden tightly experience, field visit fitness, mountain view as the theme, planning and construction of 1 to 2 ecological tea garden for sightseeing leisure tourist area. Development of tea leaves, tea, tea, buy tea, tea and tea art, tea art, the show, amorous feelings of experience in the integration of ecological leisure tour, tea garden organic, enriching the connotation of the modern agriculture, extends the industrial chain. Development tea bag, new tea beverage, instant tea, health tea and other development of tea, tea polyphenol, tea pigment, tea, tea products, tea toothpaste wine, sober tea and a series of high value-added products, to create a green, ecological and environmental protection of the tea industry cluster.
In addition, wuyuan tea culture inheritance, editing a tea textbook, published a book of tea picture album, made a flying, and build a tea museum, the construction of a tea garden, promote the tea culture heritage protection. Held in tea, tea is the tea ceremony performance, tea king invited experts and artists to work on the theme of the content of tea culture festival, held a national theme BBS, famous tea tea industry development appraisal activities, such as improving wuyuan organic tea market influence and brand competitiveness.