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Wuyuan field "Shouting" China's most beautiful village is famous for

Date: 2015-10-27

This newspaper wuyuan (correspondent Ching-yuan cheng) for days, wuyuan casual in frequently receive surprises, successively by the state council information office, state Internet information office, overseas Chinese media coalition, xinhua and other high-level news units and high-end media named: the most beautiful symbol, China's top ten towns in China, the county counties and cultural tourism festival festival spread word-of-mouth network image awards honor. In recent years, wuyuan play good publicity ZhuDongZhang, all news heralded all around "is the most beautiful countryside in China" to promote, all festivals all around "is the most beautiful village of China" in order to develop, all the tourism marketing and project investment around "is the most beautiful countryside in China" to promote. "Is the most beautiful countryside in China" is not only famous in domestic, but also become the most resounding wuyuan to world brand.
Wuyuan is based on high-end, innovative publicity, meticulously "a feature films, a picture book, a song, a play, a movie," such as heralded products, with high quality, by the high quality products, and through all kinds of high-end media, the propaganda platform, enhance the visibility and reputation of wuyuan. Wuyuan picture has sent to national annual conference and the party's eighteen big venue; Nearly three years has more than 10 films in wuyuan shot and in the CCTV broadcast; "Dream home", CCTV broadcast of the music TV incisively and vividly shows the natural beauty of "dream home"; For 11 consecutive years the success of the China rural tourism festival, invited media focus from all walks of life, a successful show the full development of wuyuan tourism industry. Wuyuan 2013 draft article 10000 on the news media at all levels, in the provinces and cities. In the People's Daily, guangming daily, economic daily, daily, shangrao in jiangxi province 1057 journal draft. In the CCTV "news broadcast" broadcast news article 58. As China's most beautiful countryside has attracted the world Chinese media such as foreign media gathered wuyuan interview, in 2013, wuyuan successively in China Daily, the Hong Kong newspaper wen wei Po, foreign and overseas media, such as the European news article published news reports more than 1000. Wuyuan Jiang Ling scenery and shicheng scenery appeared successively QQ login interface, attracted the attention of the world's 1 billion QQ users; Known as the "crossroads of the world" the New York times square screen showed wuyuan two shicheng scenery pictures, and in the United States, Canada, Brazil and other places more than 500 outlets.
Wuyuan to field "shouted," the most beautiful village "reputation", area has attracted many domestic and overseas tourists to travel. In 2013, wuyuan tourists break through 10 million person-time, including overseas visitors nearly 100000 people.