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Wuyuan is the first day emperor chrysanthemum ornamental picking the opening

Date: 2015-10-27

In order to further improve the most beautiful country wuyuan visibility and reputation of "heaven emperor chrysanthemum", build the mountain organic food "day s strong home" brand. Promote day s imperial chrysanthemum mountain organic food production, such as pin coordinated development, promote the rural scenery, sweet life characteristic tourism project construction, the first day s imperial chrysanthemum ornamental picking on October 26, 2015 held in township Duan Shen day s tea.
Activity in a few days, day and night many projects, including the launch open during the day, the emperor chrysanthemum picking contest, chrysanthemum photography contest and chrysanthemum ecological baking experience, by peasant dinner in the evening, chrysanthemum culture contest, bonfire party, leisure fishing, organic vegetarian barbecue burning of such links.